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We’re always looking for new partners. We want to work with you to turn your vacant retail space into a humming hub of workers.

Bring a stream of professionals to your community by working with us to activate a LAUFT.

We’re building the biggest, easy to use network of flexible workspaces out there. And we want you to be part of it.

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The best way to unlock value in underutilized commercial or retail space is to activate a LAUFT. Once activated, your space will become a part of our growing network of flexible workspace designed to empower remote workers to do their best work – in the most convenient, consistent and professional way possible.

With some simple information, we can help suggest the best options for your unique space. We have proprietary desks, chairs, boardrooms, smart TVs, projectors, printing capabilities and much more to create a beautifully designed work experience for remote workers.

Enter the information to the right and we’ll provide a rough estimation of how you can start unlocking value for your commercial retail space.

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