You probably have some questions…
like what do we mean when we say MAKE SMART WORK™?

What’s a BookIN?
It’s what we call any booking in a LAUFT. Whether you need a desk, office, workroom or boardroom or simply needed to print something – you’ll be making a BookIN.

How do I make a BookIN?
Everything happens in our mobile app. Choose the date, time, location and any of the available tools and services to  . Then your desk, office, workroom or boardroom.  can be cancelled for full refunds up to 4 hours prior to your scheduled BookIN.

Are there expectations when working in a LAUFT?
We pride ourselves on delivering a really convenient, consistent and professional work experience for remote workers. But as they say – it takes a community. So, we ask that you make every effort to respect other workers, your work area and the general noise level throughout the LAUFT. We operate on one simple golden rule – treat everyone as you would like to be treated.Unless – of course – you happen to be a masochist.

What if I am not satisfied with my work experience? 
We hope this never happens! But if you’re ever unhappy with your BookIN, simply contact us at support@mylauft.com, reference your Booking ID and the email address you used when you registered with LAUFT and we’ll do everything in our power to gain another shot to help you MAKE SMART WORK™.

I don’t like what I’ve been assigned for my BookIN. Can I switch?
You have the option to switch any assigned desk, office or workroom.within the first 15 minutes of a BookINn. If you are unhappy for any reason, simply open the booking in the app and you will find anything that is available and comparable to what you’ve been assigned.. From there, you can choose to Switch Workstation to change. You can then pick up your things and move to the new workstation. You will only be permitted to change once within the first 15 minutes of your reservation.

What is LAUFT’s cancellation policy?
All LAUFT bookings are eligible for a full refund when cancelled at least 4 hours before the BookIN start time.

What are the different services that can be booked at LAUFT?
LAUFT offers on demand booking of:

  • Desks  (Designed for one individual)
  • Offices  (Designed for a capacity of 1-3)
  • WorkRooms  (Designed for a capacity of 1-6)
  • BoardRooms  (Designed for a capacity of 15+)

Why doesn’t LAUFT offer membership?
Simply, life can’t throw curves and everyone needs to be able to adapt on the fly. Even when it comes to work. LAUFT is designed to support the best remote work experience possible. We’d love to see workers taking full advantage of our flexible network and touching down at various locations throughout the week, close to home, next to their favourite coffee shop or simply when working from home doesn’t provide the right level of professionalismT. By making embracing the realities of life we help free remote workers to choose where and when they want to work – every day.

How far can I book in advance?
How far is the horizon? We think it’s a year away.Book the work tools and services that you need up to 1 year in advance. You can make a recurring weekly or monthly booking to make sure you always have a workspace ready for you when you need it.

What is your policy on filming/photographing in the workspace?
While we know that our workspaces are #-taggable, we ask that any filming and photography in the space be reserved for a BookIN for our private spaces (ex. Office, WorkRoom or BoardRoom) . No filming or photography is permitted outside in the general space without our approval.

How do I pay for my BookIN?
Load up your LAUFT wallet through the App or purchase SMART Credit Bundles (link to credit page) and earn some extra credits. BookIN costs are deducted from your wallet. If you don’t have enough to cover the BookIN, you’ll have the chance to add funds to your LAUFT wallet. Printing is also deducted from your wallet.

Are there hidden fees? 
No. We hate hidden fees so weonly charge you for what you use, always. It’s the way we MAKE SMART WORK™.

What payment methods can I use? How do I update my payment method? 
When logged into the app, users can add a credit card to their profile for all payments. You can also use ayPal, GooglePay Apple Pay. Feel free create multiple payment profiles to track costs for projects for direct billing to your company or employer.

Where can I view my invoice?
An invoice is sent to you by email at the end of every BookIN. You can also navigate to the Bookings section of the app to see all past BookINs and the attached invoice.

How can I update my billing information? 
It’s all in the app. To make changes to your payment methods or billing information, navigate to your profile page in the app.


How do I connect to the WIFI at LAUFT? 
The network name and password are sent to you by email as part of your booking confirmation. Please refer to your email to find the network and password.

What is the Internet speed in LAUFT? 
LAUFT offers High Speed, Enterprise Grade Wifi connections. LAUFT desks are also equipped with an ethernet port that allows you to have an optional hard wired connection when you need additional speed.


Can I use a TV at a LAUFT location?
All offices, meeting rooms, and boardrooms come equipped with a television. The television has an HDMI cable provided to connect directly to your laptop or device. Please note LAUFT does not provide HDMI dongles for various devices.

How can I use the TV for video conferencing?
Once you have connected your laptop or device to the TV using an HDMI cable, you can extend or mirror your desktop to bring your video conference screen onto the television.


How do I print a document at LAUFT?
In order to print a document, all you have to do is go to print.lauft.work to upload  your file. You then go to the printer and scan your LAUFT Key. Scanning your LAUFT Key will unlock your print job and charge your account.

How much does printing cost?
Printing at LAUFT costs .05 cents per page in black and white and .40 cents colour.

Didn’t get your question answered? We’d love to help.
Drop us a note at support@lauft.work and we’ll make sure you get your answer!

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