Accessibility Statement

At LAUFT, we are dedicated to promoting accessibility and inclusion across all aspects of our operations. Our Accessibility & Work Freedom Statement reflects our commitment to ensuring that all individuals, regardless of ability, have equal access to our workspace network. Here are the key points outlined in our statement:

The Vision:

  • LAUFT aims to inspire and transform the workspace experience by providing convenient, consistent, and professional work environments. Our vision is rooted in empowering all individuals to discover their work-life freedom.

Four Models of Accessibility:

  • Current: Acknowledges existing disparities in access and freedoms among different groups of clients.
  • Equality: Recognizes the importance of equal treatment for all individuals, regardless of their needs or abilities.
  • Equity: Strives to ensure that everyone receives the support they require to access and benefit from our workspace network.
  • Justice: Aims to remove all barriers to participation, allowing everyone to engage fully without the need for accommodations.

Three Circles of Critical Assessment:

  • Digital: Ensures that our digital platforms are accessible to all individuals, regardless of their abilities.
  • Physical: Ensures that our physical spaces are designed to be accessible and welcoming to everyone.
  • Cultural: Fosters a culture of inclusivity and accessibility within our organization, promoting a welcoming environment for all individuals.

Actions & Accountability:

  • Our team is committed to assessing and improving accessibility across all aspects of our business.
  • Using the four models of accessibility, we assess each circle of our business touchpoints, including digital, physical, and cultural aspects, to create and execute a strategic plan aligned with our goal of achieving justice and freedom for all.

The Impact:

  • LAUFT is dedicated to empowering all individuals to achieve work-life freedom.
  • Through a mindset of growth, accountability, and harmony, we continuously seek innovative ways to promote accessibility and inclusion within our workspace network.

By embracing these principles and taking proactive steps to address accessibility, we aim to create a workspace network that is accessible, inclusive, and empowering for all individuals.

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