Health & Safety is integral to our Brand. We strive to ensure that our work environments are safe spaces to congregate and work.


LAUFT implements tools and services such as sterilization technologies and anti-bacterial coatings on high-touch surfaces to mitigate exposure to pathogens. We provide a safety standard that you can count on vs. other public venues to ensure that your employees and clients are in the safest work environment.

LAUFT uses disinfectant fogging in all of our workspaces. We use Bioesque which has a 99.9% disinfectant rate AND is safe to work with. Bioesque is on the Canadian and American COVID-19 hard surface disinfectant list as it is tested and approved to kill the virus.

We help maintain business continuity by distributing workers across a network, instead of congregating in one location. We embrace our role as a partner for workers by ensuring safe environments so that individuals and organizations can confidently deploy themselves across our network of locations.


The wipe down and cleaning of surfaces after each use to ensure that every work area is safe for the next worker.


Our onsite staff maintain a daily checklist of cleaning protocols that keep our space safe.


Application of disinfectant fogging throughout the workspace on a regular basis to kill germs and bacteria.


We have floor decals throughout the space and have limited seating to maintain proper physical distancing.


We follow all of the public health guidelines implemented by the Government of Canada.


Ready availability of sanitization products for use by all staff and clients throughout locations.