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We’re a passionate bunch of remote work experience builders with grand designs on rebuilding the space between work and life. If you haven’t seen a feature that you need, reach out - we’re always open to improving the experience.

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LAUFT has been critical to my productivity. The quiet, professional environment has allowed me to focus on specific projects, like filing a patent, taking urgent business calls, and conducting day-to-day business much easier than at home. LAUFT provides that, as well as a safe space to foster innovation.

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Joel Sotomayor

Owner/Founder of Transport Genie Ltd.

LAUFT's commitment to flexibility is unique in the industry. We book time when we need it on their app, and if our schedules change, we can cancel a session for a full refund back to our company wallet. LAUFT makes it easy to support our team by setting unique monthly allowances so our employees can book space when THEY need it.

Lawrence T
Lawrence T.

CEO at Berkeley Payments

LAUFT makes it easy to distribute a team across a network of standardized spaces. It means my team knows what to expect whenever they show up at any of their spaces. Their flexible, pay as you go model is perfect for anyone who needs access to space without commitments.

Mallory F-1
Mallory Greene

CEO/Founder of Eirene

The core focus is to provide an unparalleled mobile experience, enabling users with real-time booking management that rivals the ease of booking a ride or ordering your next meal. We've made getting to work as easy as 1-2-3.


Pair this with a complimentary back-end dashboard that puts booking and reporting at your fingertips and remote work has never been this painless.

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